�Dating for Commitment� or The Ability to Love� by Liesa Scott is probably the best gift you could give to anyone who is dating and who is trying to find someone to connect with permanently.

This book is designed to appeal to singles with a high level of intelligence and reading it requires a much higher than average attention span.

It is at times politically incorrect because it has been written from a global point of view with a focus on singles in the US.

Educators in the whole world have to resort to forms of generalization in order to be able to teach what is essential and whatever is considered politically correct is different in every highly civilized country.

This book opens up the specific dating situation in the US to the reader by remaining in close touch with international humanitarian and sociological facts. It offers solutions and insights that are by quantity and quality unmatched on the American market.

One of the most distinguished aspects of this book is its equal appeal � contrary to most pink embroidered self-help books � to the logical way of thinking in men. 68% of all books so far have been sold to men, which is astonishing in regard to the title. It creates a new way of thinking about committed relationships, the people who want them, and the ways to get into one.

Dating for Commitment� is a book one will read and think about for a long time to come.



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